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P.I.E (Perspective Is Everything)

Posted on January 08 2019

Perspective Is Everything! Your particular attitudes, beliefs, your point of view, how you view yourself  in relation to the world and other things has a greater impact on your life than anything else. Perspective Is Everything! My mother used to tell me that if you change of perspective you'll change your perception. As a teenager I couldn't fully grasp that concept in its totality, but as an adult I recognize she meant if I changed the way I looked at things, the things I looked at would change. This is where obstacles become challenges, where barriers become breakthroughs, losses become lessons, and where old pain becomes new strength.

Perspective Is Everything! What’s really unique about it is its duality and connectivity. On one hand you have this cognitive process that’s tied in to your thoughts and on the other hand you have this behavioral aspect that’s tied into your behaviors. As a result, how you view it is how you do it. Perspective predicts performance, it promotes productivity or the lack there of.

Think about a time that you received a task, maybe it was an assignment from a teacher, your boss, or your spouse. This assignment was something you were prepared for, felt confident in your abilities, have enough time to fulfill, or an opportunity you felt you deserved. You probably approached the task with an energy and vigor that matched your enthusiasm and appreciation for the opportunity. Now think about a task that you received from those same people and it was something that you weren't too fond of, perhaps you thought it was grunt work, wasn't part of your job description, or something you disliked doing. You probably approached that task with a lack luster attitude and an effort that matched.

Perspective Is Everything! The only difference between those two situations was your mindset after you received the task. If you have a weak mindset and negative perspective you struggle to find the value in things. Whereas, when you have a strong mindset and a positive perspective you can find value in all task, because you know how you do anything is how you do everything. Perspective Is Everything!

 We talk to a lot of people on a daily basis. Friends, family members, and colleagues. However, the person you talk to the most is yourself. These are the most important conversations we’ll have. Feeding your brain and soul negative thoughts and statement is just like feeding your body contaminated food. Simply put, you’re not going to feel very good afterwards. Conversely, if you feed yourself positive energy and self-statements, you will feel great.